Primary School


Age range:

Kindergarten – 4-6 years
Primary – 6-12 years


Basic stance on education

Every person is equal regardless of origin, color of skin and religion. We offer a learning environment based on an international curriculum where children will have the opportunity to lay a foundation for academic growth and success. At the Bilingual Kids Academy, each child is accepted as a unique individual and nurtured in such a way that he or she can navigate this world both independently and with a sense of self confidence.


In a safe environment, we enable the children to:

  • develop a sense of understanding and tolerance toward all cultures and world views
  • find out what role they play in a group
  • experience a cooperative, non-violent school in which each individual has the same rights
  • contribute their own special interests
  • develop their independence
  • satisfy their social, emotional and academic needs
  • develop their own personality
  • experience German and English as equally important languages and learn to use these in everyday situations

Bilingualism in our institution

As the headquarters for international groups, a center of research and a city of culture, Basel has a high need for bilingual day schools. Our qualified teachers teach the children in their native language. That means that teaching is conducted in German and English equally. This way, children are clearly aware of each of the two languages and they have an opportunity to learn to clearly separate the linguistic structures of each language while also expressing themselves in both. Instruction in French will begin in Grade 3.