Kindergarten, Primary and Secondary – Admissions Information

We look forward to welcoming your family to our school community.

For the next steps in the enrollment process, we would like to help you determine the details for your contract, such as after school care, and offer you a chance to visit our school for trial days and welcome events.

Trial Days

At BKA we offer trial days for children to experience learning and teaching at BKA. These trial days are popular for families transferring from schools within the local area, as well as for families that may have recently relocated to Basel.
You will be provided with an information sheet once the trial days have been confirmed regarding what to prepare for your child in advance.

Welcome Events

Each year we host a welcome event for our new incoming Grade 1 and Kindergarten 1 students. At this event, the kindergarten and preschool children who will be starting primary and Kindergarten 1 in the following year, as well as our external first grade students are welcomed to their new classrooms to discover their new school environment, meet their teachers, and make new friends amongst their peers.

You will receive an invitation to this event via email.

For our external new kindergarten and primary students, we would be happy to organise a day to ‘meet the teachers’ for the children to have the same opportunity.

Please contact our administration team should you wish to organise such a meeting at They will be happy to assist you.

Admission Cut-Off Dates

Please note that our cut-off date for admissions for Kindergarten and Primary aligns with the cut-off date of Basel-Stadt: 31. July

Academic Year Cut-off Dates
2022/2023 Kindergarten 1 31. July 2018
Primary Grade 1 31. July 2016
2023/2024 Kindergarten 1 31. July 2019
Primary Grade 1 31. July 2017
2024/2025 Kindergarten 1 31. July 2020
Primary Grade 1 31. July 2018


If you are interested in an earlier admission to Kindergarten and Primary, please contact us. We would be happy to assist you regarding the next steps. Should your child be born after the cut-off date, we would require an official confirmation from the Volksschulen Basel-Stadt that your child has been deemed eligible to skip a grade.