Parental Involvement


Transferring Knowledge

Here at the BKA International School we rely on many resources to give your children the best possible education.

One of the resources that is a lot of fun is when our parents come and share their knowledge and wisdom as a guest presenter in the classroom. First-hand input from a member of our parent community provides a great opportunity for our children to gain insight into a specific field. Therefore, we urge any parent with a special talent or extensive knowledge in any field to contact us. Parents willing to be guest speakers and/or to share collections and artifacts should inform the classroom teacher of their areas of interest in advance.


Joining the Fun

At the BKA International School we are proud of our learning community and include our parents in the following events:

  • Summer picnic
  • Lantern Walk (a Basel tradition)
  • Winter Celebration

These traditions pose a perfect opportunity to meet other families and share some quality time with your children at the BKA community.