About Us

The BKA is an International Baccalaureate World School that offers education and care for children in our daycare program (3 months – 4 years), as well as our international school program (Kindergarten – Secondary School). 

Our bilingual school is proud to provide a bilingual environment that prepares children academically and socially for both local and international opportunities along their academic journey. 

In addition to our IB Primary Years Program (PYP), our primary school is proud to also have established an alignment and transition agreement with the Basel Stadt Education Department. Our alignment agreement verifies that our level of German based education is aligned with the standards of the local school. Our transition agreement means that grades earned at BKA will be accepted at local secondary school programmes without the need for an entrance exam. 

Likewise, our secondary school is proud to offer the International Baccalaureate program that will enable students the opportunity to enter Swiss as well as international universities. 


The BKA International School was founded in 2009 with our Spalentor campus. The goal was not only to create an ideal learning environment for children, but also one that sees parents as partners in the learning process. Thanks to having an amazing parent community we were able to develop a program that equally caters to local and international families. 

Beautiful Basel                                

BKA continued to grow, serving as a centre of learning for students from both the Basel region and every part of the globe. Basel’s highly skilled workers have brought into the bilingual concept, with families choosing to stay in the beautiful city for an extended period of time. BKA provides a second home for both local and more transient families. The demand for international talent continues to grow in Basel and families from all over the world settle here in the beautiful city situated on the Three-Country border.