The BKA international School is comprised of 5 unique locations within the heart of the city of Basel. We offer our students a designed curriculum framework and courses which will enable them to thrive to academic excellence.

Gellert 37

Ages: 3 months – 4 years (Early Years); 4 – 6 years (Kindergarten)

Our Gellert 37 campus is a large, modern villa located in the tree-lined Gellertstrasse. The children enjoy a beautiful private garden, equipped with many opportunities for children to engage with nature and develop their gross motor skills.

Gellert 37 boasts its lush greenery, with the Landschaftspark Gellertgut and the Freie Musikschule located just behind the campus. Located just 50 meters from our Gellert 25 Primary School campus, this location is perfect for families with older children attending our primary school.

Gellert 25

Ages: 6 years – 9 years (Lower Primary Gr. 1-3)

Our Gellert 25 Primary School Campus is housed in one of Basel’s famous 19th century villas along the Gellertstrasse. The beautiful and historical building provides a charming setting for our lower primary students, giving them the space to learn in a creative and calm environment.

The quiet, out-of-the-way feel of the campus is enhanced through the surrounding greenery of both the Gellertstrasse neighbourhood and the nearby Landschaftspark Gellertgut. Within the large, enclosed garden, the children have the opportunity to safely play, do sports, and explore nature right in the heart of the city.

The Gellert 25 campus is well connected to Basel’s public transport system, easing opportunities for field trips and learning experiences outside of the classroom.


Ages: 3 months – 4 years (Early Years); 4 – 6 years (Kindergarten)

Our Spalentor Campus is located in a beautiful town-house, in one of the oldest neighbourhoods of Basel. Spread out across 4 floors, a front and backyard, as well as a terrace, the spacious campus provides an at-home environment for our children.

Located only 4 minutes from the former city gates, and close to the universities, our Spalentor Campus echoes the rich history of Basel. As the first BKA campus to open, Spalentor has been an integral part of our journey, and is deeply rooted within our school community.


Ages: 3 months – 4 years (Early Years)

Our Wettstein campus is located in a residential neighbourhood with ample greenspace and Rhine access. Wettstein is also dotted with numerous parks, playgrounds and museums such as the Wettstein park located only 3 min away from the BKA campus. This central modern campus located at the heart of Basel allows families with busy working schedules both flexibility and consistency. All while providing our students plenty of room for movement and play, as well as quiet spaces for rest and relaxation on a daily basis.

This campus was part of a renovation project to bring cutting edge architecture into the beautiful riverside community. Our campus occupies the ground level of these extremely modern apartment buildings, and is centrally located in the city with a short walk to the Roche towers and the Tinguely museum. The children have access to the onsite green areas, sand pit, and local parks. A stroll along the Rhine river awaits just outside our doors.


Ages: 9 years – 12 years (Upper Primary Gr. 4-6), 12 years – 18 years (Secondary)

Our Rittergasse campus is located in the beautiful and historical 18th Century Ritterhof building. The rich history of the building, maintained carefully in collaboration with Basel-Stadt, creates both atmospheric charm and will leave lasting fond memories for years to come.

This campus is located at the heart of Basel next to the Wettsteinbrücke, surrounded by cultural and historical institutions. Rittergasse is next to the Kunstmuseum Basel, only 2 minutes away on foot.

With the Kunstmuseum Tramstation located just adjacent to the campus, this prime location is optimal for children who are gaining increased independence as they grow older.