How do I enrol my child at BKA International School?

The enrolment process is simple. You may begin the process by completing an our non-binding application form and submitting it along with any required supporting documentation. A member of our admissions team will support you with every step of the process.

Does my child need to speak English and/or German fluently to be able to attend BKA?

No, BKA International School welcomes students of all nationalities. Our caring inclusive approach to childcare means that every child feels supported and secure.  Our highly experienced staff are trained to support the integration of children whose mother tongue is not English or German thus ensuring that all students quickly feel a part of the BKA family.  If a child already speaks English and/or German upon their arrival, this simply means that they will more easily adapt to their new environment. We evaluate the linguistic and academic abilities of each child so as to be able to adapt our teaching methods and address specific needs or areas for growth. The individualised attention that we provide in our small classes allows each student to meet their potential at their own pace.

We have just moved to Basel and my child does not speak German, can they attend the BKA International School?

Of course. Our bilingual immersion program places an equal amount of emphasis on both German and English language acquisition. New students are supported by their class teachers to adjust to their new linguistic and cultural environment. Your child will receive the necessary personalised attention to help them feel at home in their new school and they will quickly integrate in our German language program. Moreover, we have German mother tongue children in all our classes. Your child’s interactions with their German-speaking classmates will support their learning of the language.

Is there any risk that learning two languages at the same time will slow down my child’s progress in other subject matters?

No, on the contrary. Studies show that a bilingual education, especially when embarked upon at the young age, improves cognitive ability. The intellectual stimulation stemming from a regular and balanced use of the two languages facilitates abstract thinking and spatial and symbolic conceptualisation. 

Children leave BKA International School prepared to integrate into any type of school whether it be monolingual or bilingual.

Should I be worried if my child mixes words between the two languages?

Bilingual speakers may mix words between the two languages, however this does not necessarily signify language confusion. Your child will quickly learn that the same word can have different nuances across the two languages and will choose the one that is most appropriate given the meaning of their sentence, as well as the one that comes to mind most easily. It is also in this way that children learn from one another in a multilingual context. As your child grows, your child will instinctively choose the language best adapted for the person with whom they are speaking. At BKA International School, our teachers communicate with your child solely in either German or English, so as to support their students in distinguishing between the two languages. If your home is bilingual or multilingual, we advise each adult to exclusively use one language with the child. This will support your child in distinguishing between the two languages and improving their acquisition of their mother tongue.

What ages of children do you accept?

BKA provides a safe, nurturing and educational environment for children from 3 months to 12 years of age.

Do you provide meals and snacks, what do I as a parent need to provide?

The BKA provides well balanced and locally sourced hot lunches and nutritious snacks for all children catering for any food preferences or allergies.  From Kindergarten upwards, students are allowed to bring packed lunches if they wish to do so. 

In our day care section we provide diapers, wipes and nappy cream. If you have a specific type of diaper, wipe or cream that you would prefer your child to use, you are welcome to bring them and our staff will ensure that your wishes in this area are honoured. 

What is the adjustment period and how does it work?

The 2 weeks before your child’s contract starts in daycare or preschool are considered the adjustment period.  During this time the teachers will work with you and your child to facilitate the settlement of your child into the class.  During the first meeting of the adjustment period you will be given all the important information you will need and have the opportunity to ask questions.

How will I be informed regarding monitoring my child's progress and receiving information?

The BKA has an open door policy and works in partnership with parents at all times.  We have designated phone numbers for all our classes should you need to send an urgent message.  In the day care section we have an online platform which provides parents with up to date information relating to your child’s day at school and regular observation outlining your child’s progress. In the Primary section we have an online platform where children’s work is showcased, alongside this you will receive twice yearly reports and parent meetings with the teachers. Should you ever have any concerns or questions your child’s class teacher will be more than happy to arrange for a meeting to discuss.

Can my child spend time at BKA International School before entering the school?

You are welcome to contact the admissions team to arrange a trial week at our primary or kindergarten campuses. 

Are certain vaccinations required to enter the school (day care, preschool and kindergarten)?

Yes, we require all base vaccinations recommended by the Swiss Federal Office for Health (BAG).

How do I arrange a tour of the school?

You can book a tour either via the link which will connect you to our online form or you can send your request to admissions@bkais.ch.


To whom can I send an email for general questions?

Please send your email with your questions to administration@bkais.ch