Language Acquisition

At BKA International School we pride ourselves on our unique bilingual education programme. To offer your child a truly bilingual education, it is essential that you choose a reputable establishment with a well-defined educational programme. Each year BKA International School  welcomes children from all over the world, including Switzerland, and supports them as they begin to master German and English while addressing both their academic and social development.

BKA International School  proposes a fully immersive program where a child spends 50% of their time learning in English and 50% learning in German. In this way, neither language is deemed or seen as “secondary”.

Benefits of a bilingual education

Intellectual Development:

Bilingualism is an invaluable advantage in a child’s personal development, and eventually, professional development. Bilingualism allows for cognitive flexibility and an increased capacity for reflection. Having developed the capacity to speak two languages and the agility it requires, a bilingual child is able to learn and assimilate new complex concepts more easily. The bilingual child will find it easier to adapt to new cultures and integrate new ways of thinking and will be able to leave their comfort zone much more easily.

A professional advantage:

Bilingualism is a rare and sought after professional trait. When you offer your child a bilingual education, you are opening the door to prestigious professional opportunities.

Learning other languages:

Bilingual children find it easier to learn additional languages. The bilingual child already has two sets of phonetic sounds and grammatical structures at their disposal and can use this knowledge to pick up on and apply the subtleties of a new language.

At the human level:

Bilingualism promotes a flexibility of intellect which facilitates communication with others and makes it possible to further appreciate cultural differences.