Day Care

Age range

Infants – 3 months to 18 months

Daycare – 19 months to 4 years


In our daycare and preschool we provide an exciting and varied programme that covers all areas of development.  We place a high value on our Bilingual approach and therefore ensure that both languages are used equally and consistently throughout the day with staff interaction with the children in German and English. Children are supported in their development through guided activities, structured and free play, field trips and communal meal times. Our daycare and preschool curriculum has been created using world-wide best practices including the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) from the UK, The Reggio Emilia approach and the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme (IB-PYP).

Our offerings and activities provide a wide variety of opportunities for children to develop their personalities. T Guided group activities, structured play times and field trips are organised . These activities are planned on a situational basis depending on the needs of the class, teacher observations or proposals from outside the school.


Every person is equal regardless of nationality, religion or cultural background. We offer children age-appropriate activities while taking into consideration their individual interests and abilities as well as their communication skills and ability to cooperate. Students enjoy exercise walking in the beautiful city, going on field trips and experiencing Basel’s diverse range of cultural offerings. At the BKA, each child is accepted as a unique individual and nurtured in such a way that he or she can navigate this world independently and develop with self-confidence.

Our qualified teaching staff observe each child’s individual developmental stages, and use these as a basis for establishing relationships or for choosing games and educational activities. Structured group activities, playtime and field trips are organised either for the entire group of children or a smaller selected group. These activities are planned on a situational basis depending on the children’s needs, teachers’ observations or proposals from outside the school. Our offerings and nurturing activities provide a wide variety of opportunities for children to develop their personalities.

Playful bilingualism in our institution

As a headquarters for international organisations, a centre of research and a city of culture, Basel has a great need for English-speaking child care centers. We offer a stimulating educational environment in which children can playfully develop their German and English language skills. Our qualified caregivers consistently speak to children in just one language. This necessitates a conscious use of the language meaning that everyday activities, songs and games are conducted in German and English. Children are clearly aware of each of the two languages and they have an opportunity to learn to separate the linguistic structures of each language while also expressing themselves in both. Meetings with parents can be held either in German or English as desired.

Adjustment for new kids

It is important to support a smooth and careful transition into your daycare and preschool groups. We offer a primarily meeting, where the child, parents and staff get to know one another. The parents are then provided with an opportunity to accompany their child for short periods over the first two weeks, with a systematic reduction of time to support the transition. This helps our children to become familiar with their surroundings and feel comfortable coming in to groups independently.

What we provide

Diapers, wet wipes, creams, toothbrushes and all meals.

Parents of infants are required to provide any baby formula, baby mash and/or cereal for their children.