The application and tuition fees are set each year at the beginning of December for the following academic year.

Fee Structure

Registration Fee

A one-time registration fee of CHF 500.- will be due per child (non-refundable) when joining the BKA International School.

Siblings Discount

A discount of 10% will be granted for the second and every further child from one family. The discount will be granted on the lowest of the monthly fees.

Kanton Baselland Subsidy

Families that live in the Canton of Basel-Land may be eligible for a subidy of CHF 2’500 per school year. The Canton will make their assessment twice a year during the spring and fall of each year (November 15 and May 15). The subsidy payment is therefore made twice per year as long as the child meets the age requirements and there is proof of residence during the dates stated above.

Termination Policy

The contract and duty to pay start with the date of signing. Without notification, the contract ends automatically at the end of Preschool/ Kindergarten / Grade 6.

Termination notice must be submitted to the BKA in writing in accordance to the following terms:

Primary School

Intended leaving date Notification deadline date
End of semester 1 (Autumn Term) 30th June
End of semester 2 (Spring Term) 31st December


Intended leaving date Notification deadline date
31st January 30th June
31st July 31st December


The contract may be terminated by either party with a notice period of 2 months, to be effective at the end of any month. The termination notice must be served to the other party in writing. The child’s leaving before expiration of the notice period does not release the parents from their contractual obligation to pay the school fees for the time until such expiration shall have occurred.


The notice of termination must be received by the BKA from the parent and/or legal guardian. If the notice is received BEFORE or ON the notification deadline date, then all fees for the current term will be retained and all other outstanding charges must be paid. The admission fee is non-refundable.

If the completed withdrawal form is received AFTER the notification deadline date, all fees for that term will be retained and all other outstanding charges must be paid, PLUS the parent and/or legal guardian will automatically be liable for the following term’s fees in their entirety, even if the student does not attend.