Our infant class caters for children from 3 months to approximately 18 months of age.

We provide personalised activities which are planned to stimulate each child’s development and encourage confidence, and independence.   Teachers work in partnership with the parents on areas for development such as feeding, sleeping, walking etc.  Although snacks and lunch are provided by the BKA, parents are asked to provide their own specific formula powder and baby mash/puree.  If desired parents can bring breast milk which will be hygienically stored for their child.  All items provided by the parents are clearly marked with their child’s name.

 Children in the infant class follow a routine that works in conjunction with parent’s needs, providing day care that promotes harmony and encourages the children to flourish.  The schedule is tailored more around the individual child’s needs but also helps each child to start developing a routine thus preparing them for the Toddler class.