Infant and Daycare – Admissions Information

Welcome to the BKA Early Years!

We look forward to welcoming your family to our school community.

The next steps towards completing enrollment for your Early Years child are to determine the start of the adjustment period, and the start of the contract. The start of the contract is generally scheduled to begin two weeks after the start of the adjustment period. Our admissions team will be happy to assist you in determining the best start dates for your child.

Adjustment Period

At the BKA, we encourage our families to have a two-week adjustment period prior to the start of regular daycare attendance. During this time, the children are welcomed to their group for small increments of time, which increase over the course of the two weeks. This schedule allows children to get used to their environment, and get to know their caregivers and peers prior to starting a full day of daycare.

The group caregivers will contact you prior to the agreed upon start of the adjustment to discuss the exact schedule for your child, and any items which would need to be prepared in advance.

An example for an adjustment schedule would be as follows:

Week 1:

Day 1: Meeting with parents to discuss the schedule, as well as to receive and share important information.

Day 2: The child comes into the class for approximately 1 hour with one of the parents accompanying them

Day 3: The child comes to class at the scheduled time (either morning or afternoon), and is welcomed at the door by the caregivers and taken to play with the other children.

Day 4/5: The child comes at the scheduled time (either morning or afternoon), and stays for either lunch or afternoon snack

Week 2:

Day 1: The child comes at the scheduled time and if appropriate stays for naptime

Day 2: The child comes at the scheduled time and stays for naptime

Day 8: The child comes at the scheduled time and stays until approximately 15:30/16:00 (3.30/4pm).

Day 4/5: The child will typically be in class from 10:00 to 15:30/16:00 (10am to 3.30/4pm). Parents are asked to be available in the afternoon in case the child is not coping well and needs to be picked up earlier.

The length of the adjustment period can vary depending on how well a child is adjusting. The group caregivers will discuss this with you in person should it be the case that your child’s adjustment can be shortened, or needs to be extended. Should you have any concerns which arise regarding your child’s adjustment, please contact the respective head of campus, or the group caregivers. Please note that, in the case of an extended adjustment, the full daycare fees will still come into effect as per the start of the contract.

Changing Days of Care or Start of Contract

Should you require any changes to the days of care for your child, or the start of your contract, please contact our administration team via

Our administration team will evaluate whether the requested changes can be accomodated, and provide you with an answer via email.

Changing Campus (Transition between Campuses)

Due to high demand, it can happen that the campus location of your choice could be fully booked. In this case, it will be possible to start at one of our other campus locations, and switch to the campus of your choice once a suitable placement has become available.

For a transition between campuses, our administration team will contact you directly to help organise this change. Generally, we recommend a one week adjustment period for the child to get used to the new environment prior to the full switch to the new campus. There will be a calculated adjustment fee for this one week.