Bilingual Matura Programme

The special feature of this BKA Gymnasium is the specialisation in different focus areas. Students are prepared for this qualification in the four-year gymnasium programme. After passing the Matura examination and the corresponding Matura thesis, the students then gain access to the best universities in the country.

The Swiss Matura can be taken either in German only or bilingually in German and English.

  • The Gymnasium curriculum consists of five subject groups. Students choose  one main subject which is then studied in depth
  • Students attend lessons in 14 other additional subjects, and can choose from additional subjects and electives

Subject Group

Subjects / Courses

Core Areas of Learning:

Main subject focus – Students dedicate themselves to deepened understanding in one subject of their choice.

Matura Essay – The Matura essay is a larger, independent piece of work and is written individually or in a group. It is presented orally at the end of the course.

Students choose from one the following subjects as their focus study. All other subjects listed are additional subjects that form part of the mandatory.
Languages German, English, French
Social Sciences Geography, History, Economy and Law
Sciences and mathematics Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics
The Arts Music, Design and Technology
General Sport and Movement, Project work, ICT

Electives – students can choose additional electives from the following list of subject areas:

Dance, Film, Music, Visual Arts, Theatre, Business management, Economics, Philosophy, Psychology, Social and cultural anthropology, Spanish, Mandarin, Latin