Global Citizenship, Growing by Learning, Pursuing Excellence and Leading through Innovation. At the BKA these core values are embedded in our culture of thinking throughout all parts of the school. In this way, the BKA Middle and High School programmes are a natural progression from the school’s primary school programme, while also offering flexibility and support to welcome and integrate new members to our learning community. The BKA Middle and High School programmes are designed to provide learners with rigorous and highly engaging learning opportunities so they can grow and flourish with the greatest success and prepare them in the best way possible for the future.

  • Differenzierungsmerkmale der BKA-Sekundarschule:
  • Expertise in zwei- und mehrsprachigem Lernen
  • Flexibilität, Lernpfade während des Lernverlaufs anzupassen
  • Close collaboration with families throughout programmes to provide the best guidance for their child’s success
  • Modernste Ressourcen zur Unterstützung des Lernens
  • Qualität und Standards anerkannt durch International Baccalaureate (IB) und das schweizerische Bildungsdepartement