Bilingual Gymnasium Programme

The BKA’s Sekundar I course content is aligned with the Swiss Lehrplan 21 so that learners explore knowledge and skills through a rigorous, exciting and competence-oriented curriculum. Differentiated to support and challenge learners at their pace and level of development, the Sekundar I programme offers learners a variety of choices for a motivating and individual programme. A key element of the Sekundar I programme is that it is bilingual so that students engage in learning through English and German close to equally with additional languages included as well. In addition, students develop interdisciplinary thinking and action as learning is connected to real life situations as often as possible. At the end of the second year, the students are supported to make choices with regard to continuing in the Bilingual programme to the Swiss Matura, or the IB Diploma.

Subject Group

Subjects / Courses

Arts Music, Visual Arts
Design Design and Technology
Sciences and social sciences Economy, Work & Household; Ethics and Religion; Nature and Technology; Space, Time & Society
Language 1 English, German
Language 2 French, Latin
Mathematik Mathematik
Physical and Health Education Movement and Sport