Primary School Uniform

Starting in Grade 1, our primary school students wear school unifroms. As a school we wanted to create a sense of community amongst our primary school students, and we decided in unison with the parents of our inaguaraul primary school class to introduce school uniforms. We think the uniforms take a lot of pressure off of the parents and the students, and create a sense of unity amongst the students in the school.

We received feedback from parents that had come from other large schools that they observed that lots of students were beginning to organize themseves during the primary schools years, based on the ‚name brands‘ of clothes they were wearing rather than by their interests and personailities. Kids that did not have the wardrobe that was consistent with certain sub-groups of the class were often shunned and at times teased. Even kids that were wearing the acceptable fashion trends, were dealing with daily pressure to pick the right outfit that was considered to be acceptable by their peers.The decision of what to wear started to become a major source of tension for both children and parents.

With the introduction of school uniforms it takes the emphasis off of expression through fashion, and places the emphasis back on allowing the student to make friends and be embraced as an equal member of our school community.

The uniform consists of the choice between blue and white polos, and navy colored sweaters for the colder months, both with the school’s logo. The rest of the uniform (pants/skirts and shoes) can be purchased independently by the parents.