Traditions and Celebrations

At the BKA we enjoy celebrating life and culture. We encourage our children and their families to come together and join us as we celebrate the great traditions we have established over the years. These traditions include:

  • Summer Picnic
  • Lantern Walk (a Basel tradition)
  • Winter Celebration

As a Basel based International School our students learn about Swiss traditions as well as celebrating international holidays. Throughout the year, we introduce the children to fun local traditions, such as “Vogel Gryff” or “Fasnacht” and teach them about their significance and history, giving the children a valuable insight into local culture.

Keeping the children engaged and motivated is of utmost importance to us as a school, for that reason we teach the inquiry based IB Curriculum and have regular assemblies to celebrate our learning. We like to believe that no day at the BKA International school is the same and to keep things exciting for the children we celebrate many international holidays such as Halloween, Valentine’s day, St. Patrick’s Day and more.