The city of Basel provides numerous opportunities for fun filled exploration.

Basel is internationally recognized as a city of culture. An example of this culture is the local museums that regularly host internationally renowned touring exhibitions, as well as some of the largest and most significant art collections in Switzerland. Another benefit in Basel is the easy access to nature which includes parks, rivers, farms as well as the forest, ideal for science based field trips.

Our fieldtrips are designed to take full advantage of Basel’s diverse range of cultural and natural richness, offering inspiration to your children, motivating them to develop their full potential.

The inquiry based IB curriculum we offer is focused on encouraging the children to gain knowledge by tapping into their natural curiosity and letting them make new observations through their own experiences.

Fieldtrips and outings are a valuable tool, we take full advantage of to feed the children’s insatiable curiosity.

Group activities and field trips are organized on a regular basis and planned on a situational basis depending on the curriculum, the children’s needs, the teacher’s observations or proposals from outside the academy. We welcome any suggestions for new exciting fieldtrips, so please feel free to let us know if you have an idea for an exciting and educational field trip. Our offers and activities provide a wide variety of opportunities for children to gain insights and develop passions.