The Preschool class caters for children from 3 to approximately 4 years of age.

The class is specifically geared to preparing children for Kindergarten. In our preschool classes we work with the IB PYP curriculum in which we offer a daily structure to encourage the children to learn in a very hands on and investigative way.  Children learn language, literacy, mathematics and the ‘Unit of Inquiry’ which incorporates science, history, geography and understanding of the world. The class follows a daily routine which balances free-play with teacher led activities in a fun and exciting way.

 Within the schedule we provide snacks and lunch at set times, and have a sleep/quiet time for those children who still need the extra rest.  We take children on excursions to various places in the surrounding area such as to the zoo, museums, park areas amongst other relevant places.  All excursions are meaningful and enhance the general learning of the children. The curriculum is broken down to concepts which encourage the children to use their investigative skills to make new discoveries and develop their understanding.